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Polaris: The Space Submarine

Polaris: The Space Submarine and the Mystery of the Polar Night

Image of a cartoon penquin and polar bear in the north pole

James, a traveling penguin from the South Pole, and Vladimir, a funny bear from the North Pole, meet on the Arctic Sea ice. They become friends, talk about their respective regions, and observe the stars together, wondering why the night is so long at the poles of the Earth. Novice astronomers, they are trying to solve this mystery by reasoning and observation.

Thanks to the rigor of James and the inventive genius of Vladimir, their scientific adventure leads them to build an observatory and then an improvised spaceship. During a trip around the Earth, extended to Mars and Saturn, they get their answer and discover that the planets have similarities but also differences.

This show is a great tool to illustrate how the scientific method is a systematic approach to obtaining answers to questions by using observation, forming a hypothesis, testing proposed answers, and reaching a conclusion or asking new questions.