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Secret of the Cardboard Rocket

Secret of the Cardboard Rocket

Title image for the planetarium show Secrets of the Cardboard Rocket

The show opens with two children trying to decide what to make with a cardboard box their parents have discarded. As the day turns into dusk, they excitedly start assembling their cardboard rocket. After consulting their parents they discover that, though they want to travel millions and billions of miles away, that will only take them as far as the planets of our solar system. So, with the appropriate space ship supplies gathered, they grab their astronomy book and use their imagination to blast off. No sooner do they leave orbit than they find that they have been transported into space for real, and their astronomy book starts talking to them!

Beginning at the sun, they travel around our solar system, and we find out what it is like to visit each of the planets. Among the dangers and excitement, they learn a lot about the neighboring worlds. They learn about the sizes of the planets, the temperatures and atmospheres, as well as the features of their landscapes including whether or not there is any land at all. They even learn about how our earth is unique among the planets. The cardboard rocket visits the moon and navigates through an asteroid belt, too. The book guides them through their adventures and warns of danger and special precautions to take on each of the worlds.

Before heading home, they think of one fact about each of the planets they visited. Pluto has a tiny moon for a tiny planet. Neptune is the last of the gas giants. Uranus has rings and rotates on its side. Saturn has rings. Jupiter is the biggest planet. Mars is a frozen desert. Earth is the only planet that has life. Venus is the hottest planet. Mercury only takes 88 days to rotate around the sun. After their return home, they discover that the secret of their trip, and how the book was able to help them travel to all the planets, is because they used their imaginations.

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