Sensory Saturdays

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Sensory Saturdays


Join us for family performances with related activities and alternating adult lectures. All programs are free.

  • Sensory Saturday, Gemini Concert
    April 20, 2019
    11 a.m. Gemini Concert
    12 p.m. Soothing Celestial Sights & Sounds - Low Volume Presentation
    1 p.m. Did an Asteroid Really Kill the Dinosaurs? - Low Volume Presentation
    1-3 p.m. Musical Stories
    1-4 p.m. Musical Crafts

    The Kalamazoo Valley Museum’s Sensory Saturday series offers a full day of crafts, activities, and songs related to music and musical instruments for all families on April 20, 2019. Enjoy a concert by Gemini at 11 a.m., planetarium shows at lower volumes at 12 p.m. and 1 p.m., interactive story times from 1 to 3 p.m., and hands-on activities and crafts from 1 to 4 p.m. This free program is part of a series designed to provide programs for all abilities and to make all families feel welcome.

    Gemini has been performing since 1973 and are now playing music for their third—or is it fourth?—generation of young fans and families. From their home base in Ann Arbor, Michigan, San and Laz have performed to enthusiastic audiences at concert halls, festivals, community centers, and elementary schools throughout the US and Canada. In 1997, Gemini added a new and very exciting facet to their music as they began performing with symphony orchestras, including the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the Kansas City Symphony.

    At age seven, Laz began studying violin and San piano, but by then, they'd been singing in public for almost three years. However, it wasn't until after they graduated from college (The University of Rochester in NY—San with a BA in History, Laz with a BA in English) that their lifelong interest in music became focused on a career in performing and songwriting. Over the years, the brothers have learned more instruments. Laz, in addition to the violin, began playing guitar, slide guitar, and penny whistle in the 70's and has since added other folk flutes, mandolin, and harmonica. San also plays guitar and a variety of unusual hand percussion, including the bodhran and the bones. In 1976, he met internationally recognized percussion virtuoso Percy "Bones" Danforth (at the time 76 years old) and became his prime protege.

    Hear the story Mole Music by David McPhail and Max Found Two Sticks by Brian Pinkney. Then create a mole picture and bookmark, color a drummer, decorate a maraca, and more. Enjoy musical puzzles and activities in the Innovation Lab.

    The 12 p.m. planetarium show, The Little Star That Could, and the 1 p.m. show, Polaris: The Space Submarine and the Mystery of the Polar Night, will be shown at a lower volume. Visit for a description of other shows throughout the day, played at normal volume. Noise-canceling headphones are available for use at all shows and can be checked out at the front desk. Tickets for the planetarium are $3 per person.

    The Museum offers sensory tools for use in the galleries, planetarium, and Theater. The Museum has a goal sheet with stickers for positive reinforcement, as well as a printed Museum Sensory Story to prepare for your visit. Stop by the information table to see what is available, and let Museum staff know which tools are most helpful.



Sensory Tool Kit Available at the Front desk: Fidget Bands, Weighted Snakes, Visual Calming Cards, Noise Cancelling Headphones.