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Science and History Demonstrations
Register at least two weeks in advance for any of these FREE 20-minute demonstrations:

Electricity: Learn the difference between static electricity and current electricity.  It’s guaranteed to make your hair stand on end!

Cooking a Comet: Our chefs are out of this world!  Watch while we mix the essential ingredients to create a comet right before your eyes.

Mystery Artifacts: Using inquiry, historical thinking skills and some good clues, students will participate in an artifact investigation.

Spinning: See how pioneer women helped to keep their families clothed; learn how a spinning wheel works (culture, science).

Sign up for fun science and social studies workshops designed for single classes. Registration and a $3/student, or minimum $40 fee is required.

Spinning and Pioneer Life
Grades 1- 3
Students can see and try their hands at some of the everyday work of pioneers.  Learn to spin, churn butter or try your hand with a flint and steel (can you make a spark?).

Three Fires Native Americans
Grades 1 - 3
Students learn about the history and culture of Michigan's first people through discussion and examination of artifacts. We recommend scheduling this class with the planetarium show Sky Legends of the Three Fires.

Weather Instruments
Students learn about the museum’s weather station, examine instruments for measuring weather conditions and learn how they work, construct and calibrate a simple wind vane and anemometer, take home instructions for making a barometer and rain gauge, and learn how to keep a weather diary. For grades 3-7; advanced version grade 7.

MI Grade Level Content Expectations
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 7
E.ES.07.71,72,73,81; E.FE.07.11,12

Newton’s Laws
Investigate Newton’s three laws of motion through demonstrations and tabletop experiments. Topics include mass, force, velocity, momentum, and acceleration. At the completion of this workshop, students will be able to describe the three laws of motion in their own terms. – For grades 3-5.

MI Grade Level Content Expectations
Grade 3
Grade 5