Image of an antique crazy quilt

From pioneer artifacts to Egyptian antiquities and historical photographs, the collection contains a wide variety of significant items preserved for exhibition, education, research, and publication. While most of the Museum’s objects are tucked away safely in storage waiting their day in the exhibition spotlight, you can enjoy a large number of the museum's unique and interesting artifacts through our searchable database seven days a week twenty-four hours a day.

The searchable database of over 20,000 individual records, is a work in progress and continually being updated. The information provided is streamlined for the web and is not a complete catalog of the collection. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of each record. We welcome input from web visitors if records are found with misidentifications, errors, or if visitors have additional information about specific records.

All data and images are copyrighted by the Kalamazoo Valley Museum and its governing body Kalamazoo Valley Community College. The images are low-resolution intended for reference use only. Images and data may not be reproduced for commercial purposes or compiled for re-use without the written permission of a collections staff member at the museum.

As part of good collections management, it is necessary from time to time to update collections storage spaces, which limits access to collections. Due to such an update, which will greatly improve the storage of the KVM's collections items, we are placing a temporary moratorium on accepting new donations and performing public research requests until May 1, 2019. This means the museum will not be accepting donation offers, research requests or photo reproduction requests until after May 1, 2019.