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Image of a collection of artifacts including a baby doll in a long dress; beaded necklace; child's tea pot, cup, saucer, and creamer; program from WKZO soapbox derby; and a pail
Annual List of Collection Donors

2018 Donors to the Museum Collection

Name Items

Don & Ardis Cook

Diary, misc. items related to Kalamazoo

Patricia Lisk Edgar A. Nye family objects
John Gruizenga Cedar chest, milk bottles, Shakespeare Scanmaster, and other misc. items related to Kalamazoo
Sharon Ferraro Photo of the corner of Rose St & Michigan Ave, 1973
Marjory Allen Dietz 2 photos, calendar
First Baptist Church First Baptist Church pulpit and pulpit Bible
Deborah Dombos Complimentary sewing kit from Capitol Theater, c. 1920s
Joyce L. Standish 1934-35 Kalamazoo Gazette Saturday Recipe Pages recipe book
Robert Wood 1975 custom Sunrise Guitar
Gene Toornman Salesman sample, KVP wrapping paper
Kari Parthasarathy 1948 GE Dishwasher
Esther L. Wiles Photo of Kalamazoo Central High School band, c. 1940s
Richard E. Cagney 2 shoe-fitting stools from Rosenbaum’s Shoe Store
Don Insley ProCo. Lifeline Cables, c. 1990s
Karen Kennedy Schaper Clothing and shoes, 1971-73
Katherine M. Howson Child’s chest of drawers
Loy Norrix High School Band Loy Norrix High School Marching Band uniform, c. 1995
Terry Sibbersen K-Wings Hockey Ticket, April 25, 2009
Scotty “Bud” Melvin K-Wings Hockey Stick signed by 1975-76 team
Marinus & Jean Van Brugge 2 photo albums, numerous Hoekstra photos, and 1947 wedding dress
James & Sally Roach Loy Norrix band attire and accessories
Linda DenHarder 1942 Velvet Dress worn by Ada Mejeur Visser
Sue Kallewaard Collection of toys and games, 1960s-70s; Hepp’s Department Store box
Carol Mucha 2 photos of A.L. Lakey Paint Co.; 2 ledgers and diaries
Sally & Dewey Walker Collection of Ryan and Keith Walker, c. 1980s-90s
Jean Hamill Photo, KVP Gift Wrap, Cookbook, Carving Set, Postcard, and Handkerchief
Lori Lando-Beck 1935 Kalamazoo Stove Catalog
Ellen Lake 7 Tonka vehicles with original boxes, c. 1960s
Catherine Ellsworth Book, “Puppetry as my Career”; 2 Ethol Hotel hats; wedding dress; Gilmore Dept. Store tea room menu; 19 photos; 1907 Kalamazoo postcard
Judi Roelof Milk bottles and containers from Roelof Dairy, cap
Debbe Speeter 2 cigar molds used by John VanderWeele
Mary Taylor Ice tongs, ice chipper, Hotel Savoy key
Stephanie Willoughby Handmade immigration rally poster, 2017
Sherry Tufts 1930s plaid coat worn by Marian Williams Todd
George Ackley 2 photos and 1 postcard
Daniel G. Bates Michigan Buggy Co. Cutter, c. 1904
Carol Austin Shakespeare Fishing Reel, 1940-45
Janet (Struble) Daniels 1909 Kalamazoo Silver Anniversary pin/metal
David Chenery Trimline rotary dial phone, 1960s-70s; Telephone, 1950s
William C. Saunders Sumney’s Jr. Bronco team felt banner
Shirley Coleman Nursing items, receipt booklet, caps, dresses, council standards documents
Susan Brower 1970s dress
Tamara Bakr Pussyhat, worn at Kalamazoo Women’s Marches
Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum 1943 Delphian Yearbook
Mary Hess-Quinones Metal laundry box, photo, newspaper clipping
Frieda Wallace 2 baby dolls, hymn books, manuals
Phyllis Buskirk 2 brochures, KVP Plant Guide and North Central Airlines
Doug Davidson Danny Kaye Realtor Softball Uniform, worn by #9 Bill Tomb
COSJ Archive Collection of items relating to Nazareth College, the Sisters of Saint Joseph, Nazareth Academy, and Barbour Hall