Wicked Plants: The Exhibit

Entrance to the Kalamazoo Direct to You history gallery on the 2nd floor of the museum with a Checker Cab on display.
Wicked Plants

Wicked Plants: The Exhibit

January 25 - May 17, 2020

In Wicked Plants: The Exhibit, visitors explore a creepy Victorian home and educate themselves through entertaining interactive displays about the world's most villainous plants that may be lurking in their own homes and backyards. History, medicine, botany, and legend are brought together to entertain and inform about the health effects to the human body, as well as the amazing evolution of some of Mother Nature's evil doers in the plant world.

Based on author Amy Stewart's best-selling book, Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln's Mother & Other Botanical Atrocities, this fun, educational traveling exhibit takes visitors through the fascinating world of plants, and how their amazing adaptations can be harmful to humans and animals.

Travel room to room through a decrepit Victorian home and be introduced to the crime family of the plant world, the deadly nightshades. Step into the library, where you can discover what happens when plants affect brain chemistry. Play mad scientist and deduce how various plants adapt to threats in their environment. Walk through the bathroom and learn about botanicals that stink, burn, and explode. In the hallway, check out the collection of weaponry that uses plant derivatives to immobilize the heart and lungs. Experience all this, as well as other entertaining and educational experiences!

Credit on all marketing: Wicked Plants: The Exhibit is funded by The North Carolina Arboretum Society and the Creel-Harrison Foundation.