Willard Wigan Microsculptor

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Willard Wigan Microsculptor

Willard Wigan Microsculptor

October 12, 2019 - January 26, 2020

Ripley's Willard Wigan Microsculptor exhibit will amaze visitors with unbelievably tiny, hand-made sculptures that are small enough to be displayed inside the eye of a needle! To see these incredible creations, you will have to look through a microscope! Learn the amazing story of how ants and "nothing" inspired Wigan to become a world-renowned artist.

Willard Wigan is a world-renowned and talented sculptor who did not let his childhood struggle with dyslexia stop him from creating some of the most amazing microscopic sculptures in the world. He even creates his own microscopic tools, such as tweezers made from eyelashes! Wigan's goal in creating these incredible works of art for over 40 years is to help inspire others to discover their own hidden talents.

The exhibition includes:
10 microscopic sculptures
6 interactive stations, including Can You Thread a Needle?, Can You Lower Your Heart Rate?, Steady Hands, and more!
4 multimedia presentations about Wigan's life story, achievements, childhood, and working process

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