Interactive Exhibits

Preschool - Interactive Exhibits

Children and adults will delight in the many exhibits that can engage them in hours of fun and discovery. Select an exhibit at the top right to see an image and get more information about each.

Anti-gravity Mirror

Preschoolers love to look at themselves in mirrors, and this one can create the illusion that they're floating in air.

Anti-Gravity Mirror

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Books, books, books

Literacy skills begin at birth! Books for looking and reading aloud have a special place in Children's Landscape.

Book Corner

Juke Box

Children dance to songs of many musical genres. Songs are selected to reflect the month's theme.

Juke Box

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Big enough for Paul Bunyan, this kaleidoscope creates an endless variety of colorful patterns.

Light Table

Preschoolers manipulate translucent objects or view X-rays to explore the science of light.

Light Table


In a semi-dark “planetarium” children relax on bean bags while gazing at a night sky; a puppet theater and costume area invite active play; a walk-through space provides quiet table activities.


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Plastic Ball Raceway

A favorite with toddlers, this activity encourages children to track the balls from left to right - a pre-reading skill.

School Bus

Climb aboard our miniature school bus and drive to the land of make-believe. There's room for parents, too!

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Space Ship

Check out the new interior to the Space Ship. There is now a place to sit down, stars that can turn into rainbows with a special star prism, a heat sensitive handprint, pictures of the planets, a bead tracking activity, and a jukebox with songs related to space and lift-off.

Velcro Wall

Soft sculptures can be arranged and rearranged by children to create their very own mural. Sculptures change bi-monthly.

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Welcome Wall

The Welcome Wall is a big hit! Five new German designed activities have been added to the Welcome wall as you enter Children's Landscape. Try spinning the disks, pull on the colored balls and see how they affect another ball, create a pattern using the rainbow colored panels, see how gravity makes a wheel go around, and learn about sizes with a circle puzzle.


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