A collection of images representing some of the demonstrations that are available. Across the top is the phases of the moon. Bottom left is a staff member with their hair on end because of static electricity. Bottom center is a woman using a spinning wheel. Bottom right is a woman dress as a chef for Cooking a Comet

Free demonstrations, appropriate for all ages, are approximately 20 minutes and can accommodate groups up to 25. Request one of the following demonstrations at least two weeks before your visit.

Science Demonstrations

Cooking a Comet
Our chefs are out of this world! Watch while we mix the essential ingredients to create a comet right before your eyes.

Static Electricity
Everyone experiences electricity in their day-to-day lives, whether it's to operate machines, light up a room or by getting that shock after walking across the carpet and touching a doorknob. This demonstration will explain the difference between static electricity and current electricity. It's guaranteed to make your hair stand on end!

History Demonstrations

Mystery Artifacts
Participants will help solve the mysteries of some of our historical artifacts. What are they? How do they work? Who used them? Depending upon the age of the group, this demonstration may be presented in a game show format.

Toys from Times Past
Sample the fun of toys, unplugged!