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Self-Guided Tours (All Ages)
Teachers may bring students to self-guide through our permanent and special exhibits and science Innovation Lab. Museum staff is on hand to assist. General Admission and all exhibits are always free, but pre-registrations is recommended and appreciated.

Preschool - Burton Henry Upjohn Children's Landscape Early Childhood Explorations
Children's Landscape is a self-directed hands-on exhibit for families and preschool groups filled with educational materials. Literacy-based Circle Time programs in this space may include musical activities, games, or art projects. These programs run Monday-Friday at 10 a.m., Saturday at 11 a.m., and other times as requested.

Planetarium $3/student and $1/chaperone ($45 minimum fee), about an hour
The planetarium offers shows at age-appropriate levels for Pre K through Grade 12 on topics such as science, space, world culture, great lakes, weather, and more. Choose from our most popular educator-selected shows below or from a list of over 50 offerings.
Select options available in Spanish language.
(Pre K-1st) One World, One Sky
(Pre K-1st) In My Backyard
(1st-2nd) 1st Grade Sky Patterns
(1st-3rd)The Little Star That Could
(1st-4th) Perfect Little Planet
(2nd and up) Sky Legends of the Three Fires
(3rd and up) Polaris: The Space Submarine and the Mystery of the Polar Night
(4th and up) Habitat Earth
(4th and up) Dawn of the Space Age

Science Workshops $3/student and $1/chaperone ($45 minimum fee)
Science workshops are hands-on learning programs developed for a great experience with connections to Michigan Curriculum Standards. Details through the link above.
(K) Weather and Climate 30 minutes
(1st) Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles 30 minutes
(2nd) Earth's Systems: Processes That Shape the Earth 30 minutes
(3rd) Weather and Climate 50 minutes
(4th-6th) Newton's Laws 50 minutes
(4th) Earth's Systems: Processes That Shape the Earth 50 minutes
(5th) Earth's Systems 50 minutes
(6th-8th) Space Systems 50 minutes

History Workshops $3/student and $1/chaperone ($45 minimum fee)
(1st-3rd) Three Fires Native Americans 50 minutes
(1st-4th) Pioneer Life 50 minutes
(5th-8th) Archaeology Lab 50 minutes

Demonstrations FREE
Mystery Artifacts 30 minutes
Static Electricity 45 minutes
Cooking a Comet 45 minutes
Toys in Times Past 25 minutes