Group programs at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum

Schools and Home Schoolers can spend an entire day – or several days – exploring the Museum's exhibits in self-guided tours.

Learn more about science and history with hands-on classes and workshops designed for single classes. Registration and a $3/student, or $45 minimum fee is required.

There are planetarium shows for all grades, and in addition to traditional astronomy and sky shows, teachers and students can see culturally-based programs, some produced by the Kalamazoo Valley Museum using local artists, storytellers and actors.

Home Schoolers - We offer a wide range of classes and workshops appropriate for a variety of ages.

For preschool groups, Burton Henry Upjohn Children's Landscape offers a safe environment in which to play and learn.

Click on the reservations link for information about program fees, how to register for a visit, and how to cancel a confirmed reservation.